The S.O.S Project

A workshop designed to fill in the blanks of a modern day hairdressing qualification. Designed to offer the most in depth exploration of the client journey, as well as fascinating insight into the world of retail, The S.O.S Project can deliver to stagnating and complacent team members the motivational boost they need to reassess their performance not only financially but technically and as professionals. The grim realities of the industry are revealed with some frightening statistics as well as proven theories that can transform the quietest of salons to fully booked in a matter of months, instead of years. 

An interactive motivational day long session that can be delivered in seminar format for larger networks or on a more personal basis for smaller salons. 

The Textbook Blonde Project

Discover the new and exciting methods of colour application ranging from Balayage to Colour Melts, all captured with stunning visual examples from my collection The Textbook Blonde Project. The challenges presented to me during this collection varied from lifting chemically relaxed African Caribbean hair to colour treated hair of Asian origin - every model left as a 'textbook blonde' after just one day. 

This 1-2 day seminar can be adapted to suit the requirements of the salon's client base, and the education is delivered using interactive and high energy methods, keeping every moment informative and enjoyable. 

 For booking enquiries please submit your salon details including location and number of delegates using the contact box provided on the homepage. 

The Informed Client Workshop

Make your business bullet proof using the new workshop designed to safe guard your salon from even the most difficult  of clientele. 

In this interactive workshop I help both salon owners and team members showcase the very best communication skills there are, by guiding the client to a strong, informed and realistic objective regarding not only their colour but their hair cut, style, and hair's condition. 

I demonstrate the key to working with facial attributes and natural contra-indications and show how every single service should be not only thorough but bespoke. You'll never get a complaint again!