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Lexa Hair is the 'umbrella'  that the many diverse paths of my Hairdressing career sit beneath.

I opened the doors to Lexa Hair Salon in February 2019, and this is where I can be found more often than not. Here I specialise in advanced colour corrections; Balayage and Freehand colour work are daily staples, as are my advanced and bespoke cutting techniques.

I educate on a consultancy basis courses that have been designed around my books. I have published two to date - The S.O.S Theory and The Informed Client.  I have previously travelled across Europe delivering the skills and information I believe will make Hairdressers stand out from the crowd not only as professionals but as business people. In a few short months I open the doors to the first Lexa Hair Teaching Academy, and I cannot wait.  

I speak publicly about the standards of today's Hairdressers and have been privileged enough to be featured in Professional Hairdresser magazine, Hairdressers Journal, and was asked to speak on the Business Stand at Salon London for the National Hairdresser's Federation. 

My passion is delivering the secrets of success to Hairdressers that are not succeeding but surviving - a position I once found myself in. 

I developed a method of becoming entirely fully booked within nine months of starting a new salon position upon returning from a decade educating and managing salons in London. Suddenly my CV meant very little and in a saturated market in a small town it was sink or swim time. Statistics suggest it should take approximately two years to build a client base that will warrant the term 'fully booked', and once I cracked it, I wrote my first published book 'The S.O.S Theory' (Success over Survival) and the response from both the industry and my clientele astounded me. 

My clients could appreciate the book had been designed for industry professionals but enjoyed reading the secrets of how I maintained my loyal client base. They wanted to know more information about the ingredients in their so called 'miracle cure' products, and upon researching that there had never been a book featuring such trade secrets, I decided to brave the controversy and write 'The Informed Client'. It was launched in August 2017, two years after the S.O.S Theory.

My photographic work is ongoing and varied. This year the salon has opened, the academy is a few months away and I have a few other projects booked that have given me the opportunity to indulge in numerous photo shoots to build a brand I feel proud of.

Having achieved what I set out to with my books I'm still very much on the front line of Hairdressing in my own Salon, and often around the UK on various projects, follow my social media to keep up to date with the latest goings on. The link is at the bottom of the page.



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